“Does Central Europe want the Western Balkans in the European Union?”, Asya Metodieva (IIR, Czech Republic)

The Russian aggression in Ukraine caused a new momentum for the discussions about European integration. As Ukraine gained EU membership status, questions about the membership of Western Balkans countries emerged. Asya Metodieva has devoted her chapter to these issues.

The EU accession of the Western Balkans (WB) has gained a new momentum following Russia’s aggression and the granting of EU membership candidate status to Ukraine. The idea of accelerating the process in favor of the WB countries plus Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia has been a part of the political discussions concerned with the need for the EU to reaffirm its geopolitical role in the new situation. Though it does not replace the enlargement process, the European Political Community appeared as a new platform that creates more space for cooperation with the WB countries.

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