“East Med gas: the impact of global gas markets and prices”, Charles Ellinas (IAI, Italy)

Charles Ellinas, East Med Gas: The Impact of Global Gas Markets and Prices, IAI Commentaries, 19:16, IAI, February 2019.

Ever since the discovery of the giant gas-fields Tamar, Leviathan and Zohr in the Eastern Mediterranean, the area has attracted growing international attention, with Egypt at the centre of it. A lot is happening in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Aside from the long-standing Cyprus issue and a number of other tense geopolitical standoffs, hydrocarbon exploration and production is taking centre stage, with more expected in the near future. The key question, however, revolves less around the size of new discoveries and international investments in the area. More important will be to assess how global gas markets and prices will affect these discoveries, spurring or dashing the high-hopes of an emerging export-oriented “gas hub” in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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