Eastern Mediterranean Geopolitical Review: Shifting Un-balances in the Middle East (University of Nicosia, Cyprus)

The Eastern Mediterranean Geopolitical Review (EMGR) is an annual scholarly journal published by the Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs of the University of Nicosia, that seeks to encourage scholarship on historical and contemporary issues which affect and influence the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East as well as European and global affairs.

It intends to facilitate the publication of high-quality research contributions that examine and analyse perspectives and questions that pertain to a wide range of disciplines such as geopolitics, economics, political science, history, diplomacy, international law, security, defence, intelligence, political geography, and other related fields.

Volume 2 • Fall 2016 – PDF accessible here. 


The Role of the United States in the Eastern Mediterranean
Ambassador Kathleen Doherty

The Position of the Russian Federation on the Volatile Middle Eastern Situation
Ambassador Stanislav Osadchiy


Hegemony and Balance of Power in the Middle East
Michalis Kontos

The Bear Learns to Swim: Russia’s Re-emergence in the Mediterranean
Vassilis Kappis

Cyprus at the Center: Global Grand Strategy and the Conflict in Syria
Anthony D. Lott

The Law on the Use of Force and Non-State Actors: The Case of Da’esh
Nicholas A. Ioannides