“Economic features of autumn 2022”, Vasyl Yurchyshyn (Razumkov Centre, Ukraine)

On November 24, 2022, it will be 9 months of full-scale Russian aggression. Ukraine lost thousands of lives, hundreds of cities and villages were destroyed, business suffered irreparable damage, and the social security system was torn apart. Despite the hostilities that continue in the East and South, Ukraine, thanks to support from international partners, managed to keep the country’s economy from collapsing, and in the autumn months it shows, albeit shaky, positive signs of stabilisation. The Ministry of Economy published an estimate of Ukraine’s GDP decline in 9 months – about 30%. This (in the conditions of the war) may be considered a relatively good indicator (since in spring, estimates were as high as 40-50%).

We dare state that in autumn, the Ukrainian economy somewhat recovered. Here, in the article we will provide evidence of the economic environment improvement in the fall of 2022. 

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