Elcano Royal Institute Publications, summer 2012

FATA in Northern Mali? by Fernando Reinares, Expert Comment 15/2012 – 31/7/2012

Measuring the international presence of countries: the Elcano Institute’s IEPG Index methodology revisited, Coordinators: Iliana Olivié and Ignacio Molina. Contributors: Ignacio Álvarez, Bruno Ayllón, Rafael Domínguez, Félix Arteaga, Manuel Gracia, Narciso Michavila and Antonio Vargas. WP 9/2012 (Translated from Spanish) – 20/7/2012
The publication of the IEPG’s 2nd edition entails some methodological changes which, nevertheless, alter neither its essence nor principles.

Spain’s Balancing Act: Net Contributor or Net Beneficiary of the EU Budget by Mario Kölling and Cristina Serrano Leal, ARI 50/2012 – 12/7/2012
In the ongoing negotiation of the MFF 2014-2020, Spain has to balance several interests, requiring a flexible position combined with some firm principles.

Staging the War on Drugs: Media and Organised Crime in Mexico by Edgar Moreno Gómez, WP 8/2012 – 10/7/2012.
This Working Paper offers an insight to understand the political ramifications of the news coverage of violence in Mexico. It shows that drug trafficking organisations have important goals related to the media, the impact of news on public opinion and the consequent influence over policy making.