“Electric vehicle revolution: positions of the Japanese automotive suppliers in Central Europe”, Gábor Túry (IWE CERS, Hungary)

Industry trends in recent years have confirmed that the production of electric vehicles in Europe will expand at an unprecedented rate in the coming years. Corporate strategies and new models also reinforce this statement: while maintaining traditional internal combustion propulsion, manufacturers are focusing on the production of electric vehicles. In addition to the emergence of new players, this raises a number of questions about the future and composition of the current supplier system. This working paper examines the role of Japanese automotive companies, focusing on the extent to which electromobility is changing their role in the supply chain. Taking into account short and medium term supply chain and industry trends and the expectations of automotive companies, there are three main factors that will determine the prospects for Japanese suppliers producing in Europe. Declining European production, changing type and quantity of components needed, and last but not least the different strategy of the OEMs and the European support system can displace the overseas companies.

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