Electronic platform for knowledge and resource transfer: “Visions of Poland’s role in Central and Eastern Europe in geopolitical, economic, civilisational and cultural concepts in the 20th century” (Natolin European Centre, Poland)

The aim of this innovative project is the dialogue of human sciences with new technologies and the implementation of the idea of human sciences for development and scientific excellence through the creation of an interactive multimedia electronic platform for the transfer of interdisciplinary knowledge and original resources. The platform serves as a form of electronic repository and a broad compendium of knowledge about scenarios and visions of the role of Poland in Central & Eastern Europe in geopolitical, economic and civilisational and cultural conceptions formulated during the 20th century (with reference to the 19th century) by Polish thinkers and representatives of various branches of knowledge. The creation of the platform also involves the use of an innovative User Experience system – the scope of the project provides for consultations with various centres of knowledge: archives, museums, universities, libraries etc., which makes it possible to adjust the functionality of the tool precisely to the needs of the target group.

The platform provides access to expert analyses, publications, online lessons (in e-learning format), a rich base of various source materials (including those not published or not distributed so far), as well as biographical and terminological dictionaries created particularly for the needs of the project.

Very wide scope of possibilities and functionalities of the tool will support your work and/or learning:

  • Over 300 source materials
  • Over 140 compact biographies
  • Over 100 dictionary terms and definitions
  • Original educational platform-game
  • 3 e-learning courses
  • Over 100 books and publications in a virtual library.

The platform consists of the content in Polish and in English.

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