“Empty Oceans: EU Policy and Illegal Fishing in Ghana”, Daniele Fattibene (IAI, Italy)

Importing countries like EU states bear a strong responsibility to promote healthier and more ecologically sustainable fisheries. The Union has one of the largest fishing fleets in the world, and is the biggest trader of fishery and aquaculture products at the global level, with imports peaking at 26.5 billion euro in 2018, up from 16 billion in 2007. Every year, Ghana exports up to 3,500 tonnes of cuttlefish, octopus and squid to the EU, particularly France, Italy, Portugal and Spain, worth around 10 million euro.This means that EU and its member states can play a strong role in promoting more sustainable fisheries in Ghana, increasing the transparency of the food chain, monitoring trade diversions and ensuring responsible sourcing from farm to fork.

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