ENP Round-table Debate: Living in Limbo: Whither human rights and civil liberties in the South Caucasus? (College of Europe Natolin)

The fifth edition of the Natolin Neighbourhood Days organized by the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair at Natolin aims to take stock of a number of crucial, though often overlooked, issues at the heart of political and security developments in the South Caucasus. The nature of the event envisaged is related to an understanding of the macro-dynamics of regional and international politics as fundamentally interlinked with the micro-universe of domestic politics. The event takes an inside-out perspective and wishes to advance a conversation about how the respect for human rights and civil liberties (or lack thereof) in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, can have broader regional and international repercussions. By zooming in on rarely discussed topics in the context of the region’s geopolitical dynamics, such as minority rights, property rights, but also the domestic drivers of regional conflicts, this event raises a most pertinent question regarding the role of local factors in the quest for regional stability.

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