European Parliament’s Briefing on Impact of EU policies on the High North, August 2010

The EU has an increased interest towards the Arctic. Whether the EU is a relevant actor in this respect, and how this role should be developed in future, is still under political debate. Against this background, the present paper outlines the general external competences of the EU in the field of climate change and fisheries, taking into consideration the specific relationship between the EU and the Arctic states – characterized by its externality in legal and geographical terms – as well as the relevance of EU climate change and fisheries activities towards this region. From these findings, options for EU activities concerning climate change, fish capture and trade in relation to the Arctic are then developed.

Authors : Antje Neumann, LL.M. and Dr. Bettina Rudloff – Associates, EU-External Relations Division, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), Berlin

Please download the briefing Impact of EU policies on the High North.