EP4U Online Final Conference takes place linking young Europeans to policy-makers

On June 16 2022, TEPSA has organized and online final conference for the European Parliament-funded EP4U project, bringing together students, academics, and policy-makers to discuss the future of Europe.

BRUSSELS, 16/06/2022: In the framework of the European Parliament Multi-annual Work Programme for Grants in the area of communication and, more precisely, within the project “European Policies for You”, TEPSA has organised an online conference: “Youth Perspectives on the Future of Europe”. The event is taking place on 16 June 2022.  

TEPSA aims to continue the debates fostered by the EP4U project throughout an 18-month pan-European work programme, by invited young Europeans to lay out their visions for the future of Europe to academics, civil society representatives, and EU policy-makers.

The conference is composed of two main panel discussions, which explore the interconnections between, respectively, social policies and fundamental rights, and climate and migration. These open dialogues will bring academics and practitioners together with the four EP4U Student Contest winners to discuss young people’s vision for the future of Europe. The conference will provide a space for the public to actively participate in discussing the work of the EU and sharing their views with decision-makers.

In this debate, TEPSA aims to create a cross-cutting discussion regarding employment and social issues, non-discrimination and the protection of fundamental rights, migration and asylum, and climate policy. This will create a community of European citizens who are well informed about the EU and its work, and who have the opportunity to have their say on the future direction of the European project.

Read the full press release here.

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