EP4U Student Contest

Under the newly launched ‘EP4U – European Policies for You’ project, the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) is organising a student contest calling for students to draft policy recommendations for the European Union and the European Parliament in four thematic areas: 

  • Climate and the Environment
  • Employment and Social Policies
  • Migration and Asylum
  • Non-discrimination and Protection of Fundamental Rights

The general objective of the student contest is twofold:

  • To raise university students’ awareness of EU policy-making and engage them with the work of the EU and the EP in the above-mentioned policy area; and
  • To promote civic engagement of young people in the future of Europe.

Students provided original policy recommendations in their papers. Some examples of topics are provided; however, students were not bound to these topics and new ideas & topics are welcome.


The applicants were undergraduates (BA), graduate students (MA) or should have graduated in the last year from university.

  • Interested students submitted a short policy brief (1000-1500 words), reflecting on their chosen theme. The policy briefs contained concrete recommendations to policymakers in the specific policy area chosen (see below). View our guidelines for more information.
  • The language of the policy papers was strictly English.

Papers were submitted on 23 January 2022. For any question on the contest, please send an e-mail to tanguy.babled[at]tepsa.eu.


The results of the contest was announced in early 2022. The winning authors are be invited to participate free of charge in TEPSA’s Pre-Presidency Conference, taking place in Prague, in May 2022, with travel and accommodation costs covered (up until €350). They will also join the EP4U Online Final Conference in May 2022, to present their recommendations to MEPs and researchers.

TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conferences (PPCs) are the main flagship activity of the organisation that bring together academics and researchers from the broad TEPSA network, policy-makers, media and civil society in order to discuss the agenda and challenges of the upcoming Council Presidencies. Student winners will have the opportunity to contribute to the organisation of the event and act as rapporteurs for some of the panel discussions.

Furthermore, the student winner will have the opportunity to present their policy recommendations to researchers and MEPs during the online EP4U final conference in May/June 2022. Additionally, the 4 policy recommendations will be published on TEPSA’s website and shared on social media.