EPRS-TEPSA Policy Roundtable on “The Future of Europe: Take-Aways from 2017”

TEPSA, together with the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), organised a Policy Roundtable on The future of Europe — take-aways from 2017.

The Policy Roundtable focused on key take-aways from 2017 for the future of the European Union (EU) from the viewpoint of selected national capitals of EU member states. It discussed the impact of the developments of 2017 on key trends regarding the future of the EU, the national preferences related to this future and the ‘homework’ the respective national governments need to do to define and influence European integration according to their preferences.

The event featured as speakers:

  • Michael Kaeding, TEPSA Chairman
  • Ignacio Molina, Real Instituto Elcano
  • Paul Schmidt, Secretary General, Austrian Society for European Politics
  • Cian McCarthy, Institute of International and European Affairs, Dublin


You can find the programme here