Erik Jones on broadening the conversation in and outside Europe (RSCAS-EUI, Italy)

“I guess the one word answer to your question is ‘luck’. If I had to stretch to two words, it would be ‘good luck’. And three would be ‘very good luck’. I think I am the luckiest guy there is, to be honest. The reason I think I am so lucky is because this place is not only stuffed with brilliant colleagues wrestling with interesting questions, but because it is a place where I can easily convince anyone to join the conversation, to share their insights, or to play a larger role in one or more of the many ongoing projects. If anything, the challenge I have is pulling the ladder up behind me! You know I am kidding about that. On the contrary, this place comes with its own important challenges – to make the conversation more diverse and insightful, to make the insights more relevant to a wider audience, and to suggest how policymakers might resolve complex problems that are important to all of us related to climate change, migration, security, and the future of democracy. Choosing to come here was impossibly easy. Convincing people to let me come … well, that is a different story.”

An interview with new Director of the Schuman Centre on what his plans are for the Centre and what he thinks of Europe’s role in today’s world.

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