EU-27 Watch No. 9 / released

The latest edition of the EU-27 Watch is available free of charge at In this edition, experts on European integration from the 27 member states and 4 candidate countries disclose the Euro-political discourse relevant to their respective countries in English.

Topics of the ninth edition include:

the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty;

the European Neighbourhood Policy and enlargement;

European economic policy and the financial crisis;

European climate and energy policy.

The EU-27 Watch has provided concise depictions of the prevailing European debates for the past 6 years. Through use of the footnotes, further English sources can be found on country specific issues.

The new platform,, presents the reader enhanced access to the texts. Reports are sorted by country or by question, presenting the reader quicker access to information. The timeline gives an overview of the European political environment since 2004.