“EU Environmental Policy: Internal and External Dimensions”, Ana Bojinović Fenko and Danijel Crnčec (eds.) (CIR, Slovenia)

Ana Bojinović Fenko & Danijel Crnčec (eds.). 2019. EU Environmental Policy: Internal and External Dimensions. Ljubljana: CIR Analyses, Založba FDV.

The Faculty of Social Sciences publishing house published a new book titled ‘EU Environmental Policy: Internal and External Dimensions’ as part of the CIR Analyses collection. The book editors are EU ENVI Module coordinator assoc. prof. dr. Ana Bojinović Fenko and module teaching assistant dr. Danijel Crnčec, whereas individual chapter authors are International Relations students of the above home University and exchange students from the Radboud University in Nijmegen, Netherlands and University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. The book’s domestic policy foci are three chapters on the implementation of EU policies on member states’ case studies: biodiversity in Slovenia (Chapter 2 by Nuša Muršič), energy self-sufficiency and supply security in Slovenia (Chapter 3 by Martina Furlan, Ina Pantner Volfand and Iris Šömen), and waste management systems in Romania (Chapter 5 by Leah van Oorschot and Brooke Sutherland). Katja Miklavčič and Sofia Proni Iglič offer an overview of politically disputable effects of Carbon Capture Storage technology as an aspect of climate change mitigation. Finally, the EU’s external action in the field of environmental protection is analysed in three book chapters. The soft power aspect of EU’s environmental policy in the case of EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership is studied by Ajda Hedžet and Dora Matejak (Chapter 6). Magdalena Rakovec and Samo Smole research the role of the EU in the environmental policies of the Arctic Council (Chapter 7) and the EU’s cooperation with Africa in the field of energy is analysed by Ana Klemen and Patrik Bole (Chapter 8).