Conference on EU-Japan relations, the University of Leuven and TEPSA, Brussels, 28 November 2011

This conference took place at the Fondation Universitaire and was organised with the University of Leuven and TEPSA in cooperation with the Mission of Japan to the EU.

The 14th Japan-EU Conference was held on 28 November, 2011 at the University Foundation in Brussels. With the commencement of the third decade of Japan-EU cooperation, the partnership was entering a new phase. Both regions were looking for more vigorous cooperation, especially in the light of the 11 March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and its ensuing consequences. By reference to these developments, the 14th Japan-EU Conference aimed to provide a platform to people from various disciplines to discuss cooperation policy related to relief efforts and disaster prevention. At the same time, exchanges of views regarding Japan-EU trade cooperation offered an important field to fortify the relationship.