EU@60 – Five issues shaping the celebratory agenda, Björn Fägersten and Hilda Grönvall (UI, Sweden)

On 25 March the Heads of State and Government of 27 European Union member states will meet in Rome to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and stake out the future direction of EU integration. The meeting, and its planned declaration, was supposed to be the culmination of efforts to insert a new dynamism into cooperation following the decision by the United Kingdom to leave the union. However, recent developments within the institutions and key member states have taken precedence over the more visionary agenda. Björn Fägersten, Director of UI’s Europe and Hilda Grönvall, Intern at the Europe program, outline five key issues – on and off the official agenda – that will shape the event and its outcome.

24 March 2017,  Swedish Institute of International Affairs