“European Industrial Policies in Tunisia: A Bottom-Up Assessment”, Khaled Guesmi & Jean-Yves Moisseron (IAI, Italy)

Khaled Guesmi, Jean-Yves Moisseron, European Industrial Policies in Tunisia: A Bottom-Up Assessment, MEDRESET Papers, Working Paper 29, IAI, December 2018.

This report on the industrial sector in Tunisia falls within the European project MEDRESET. It analyses with a bottom-up perspective the European policies towards the Southern Mediterranean. The study’s main outcome is the following: there is no industrial policy per se in Tunisia, namely following the 2011 revolution despite the efforts and reflection to pull Tunisia away from a low or middle-end out-source specialization that is very dependent on the European stakeholders.

This comes despite the efforts exerted by public bodies such as the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (API) to improve the situation. The same goes for the textile industry. The question of industry in Tunisia in terms of the Euro-Mediterranean relations is mainly tackled through free trade agreements, the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement project (DCFTA), as well as the industrial upgrade policy that seems to have borne fruits. Regarding the challenges, and namely the population’s well-being and needs, the industrial sector is led to play a major role, mostly in welcoming the youth to the labour market, especially young graduates, and more generally to become a dynamic export sector. (…)

To read the full report: https://www.iai.it/en/pubblicazioni/european-industrial-policies-tunisia-bottom-assessment