Study for the European Parliament: “Shrinking space for civil society: the EU’s response”, by Richard Youngs

Shrinking space for civil society:

the EU response

The European Parliament commissioned TEPSA to coordinate a study on the EU’s response to restrictions on civil society across the world. The author, Dr Richard Youngs, is Senior Fellow at Carnegie Europe and Professor of European and International Politics at Warwick University.

From the abstract: “The EU has developed an impressive range of policy tools for pushing back against restrictions on civil society across the world. It has gradually improved the way it deploys these instruments and has helped protect many activists at risk. Notwithstanding this, the EU needs to sharpen its ‘shrinking space’ strategy. This study suggests a range of precise policy changes it should contemplate to this end. It advocates a number of strategic guidelines that could help make the EU’s responses more proactive; better able to tackle the broad structural elements of the shrinking space; fully balanced between political and development approaches; and geared towards building more inclusive alliances against new restrictions on civil society.”

You can find this study here (European Parliament’s website).