“Europeans from the Start? Slovenia and Croatia Between State-building, National Identity and the European Union.”, Ana Bojinović Fenko, Soeren Keil and Zlatko Šabič (CIR, Slovenia)

The paper draws on Hansen and Wæver’s three-layered framework of state-nation-Europe, and applies it to Slovenia and Croatia. The authors aim to examine how nation- and state-building affect the studied countries’ Europeanization before and after EU accession. The novelty of the contribution is the specific attention paid to the post-Yugoslav space as a reference for nation- and state-building. The findings underline that the Slovenian and Croatian state-nation concept and its relationship to Europe are not per se fixed frames, but are fluid attitudes, prone to change and reaffirmation. The authors also establish a comparative difference between domestic and relational Europe layer for the two states. 

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