Event Recording: “The Baltic-Nordic EU Conversations 2023: EU’s Military Power” (ICDS, Estonia)

In its response to Russia’s war in Ukraine, the EU has taken several important steps to advance its role in defence. It has allocated €3.6 billion to supporting Ukraine militarily through the European Peace Facility, launched a programme to train Ukrainian troops, and is considering directly purchasing ammunition and weapons for the first time. Has the EU grown as a geopolitical actor? What role will the EU play in defence in the emerging European security architecture?

ICDS hosted an online discussion with Mihai Chihaia, Tania Lațici, Erika Ellamaa-Ots and Sandra Dias Fernandes on 17 March. The discussion was moderated by ICDS Head of Defence Policy & Strategy Programme Tony Lawrence.

The discussion was part of the The Latvian Institute of International Affairs (LIIA) event organised in cooperation with the European Commission’s Representation in Latvia and the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia: “The Baltic-Nordic EU Conversations 2023: More United than Ever?”.

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