Seminar: “Metropolitan policies and indicators of social cohesion” (CIDOB, Spain)

The urbanization process that is transforming our planet is amply described by a large number of documents, studies and publications. However, sources rarely mention the fact that as a result of this transformation, another process is transforming our surroundings, surpassing all existing decision-making frameworks: metropolisation.

The aim of this seminar is to analyse the impact of the emergence of metropolitan spaces on governance, social cohesion and the quality of life of their inhabitants. How can these new spaces for metropolitan governance also create metropolitan identities and get citizens involved in their construction? What data and studies do we have on inequalities and the lack of social cohesion in metropolitan areas? How can we go beyond quantitative data and analyse the conditions and quality of life of the metropolitan population? In order to do so, we will mobilize the experiences of governments and institutions that work on these kinds of issues with data on a metropolitan level.

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