Conference “Socio-economic, Environmental and Cohesion Challenges for Croatia and other New EU Member States”

IRMO is organising a scientific conference “Socio-economic, Environmental and Cohesion Challenges for Croatia and other New EU Member States”, which is to be held in Zagreb on the 9thof July 2018. The conference will be organized as a closing event of the triennial Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Support to Institution “POLO-Cro28 – Policy Observatory in Croatia”. It will bring together Croatian and foreign experts in order to discuss the most relevant topics in implementation of selected EU policies. Additionally, it will also serve as a forum communicating achievements of the POLO-Cro28 project. The event will be opened by a keynote speech of the higher official of the European Commission. Following the keynote speech there will be two thematic sessions: i) The EUʼs economic governance and coordination of socio-economic policies and ii) Cohesion policy, environmental protection policy and energy issues. Working languages of the conference will be Croatian and English. The POLO-Cro28 project is aimed at strengthening IRMO’s capacities in multidisciplinary policy analysis. It also intends to spread the knowledge and increase understanding of the EU policies as well as contribute to development of young researchers.Through the envisaged research activities and events this project fosters rising the awareness about the necessity for continuous implementation of economic and social reforms, within revised Europe 2020 Strategy. The project coordinator is Višnja Samardžija, PhD.

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