InDivEU dialogues with national parliaments: Austria

On 24 September 2021, TEPSA and its Austrian member institute, the Institute for Advanced Studies, are organising a closed-door discussion between InDivEU project researchers and Members of the Austrian Parliament in Vienna. This event is part of a series of InDivEU dialogues with members of the national parliaments’ Committees on European affairs, coordinated by the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA). These dialogues serve to ensure that InDivEU findings and recommendations are brought to the attention of national policymakers.

At the event, Prof. Frank Schimmelfennig (InDivEU scientific lead, ETH Zurich and TEPSA) will present the main results of InDivEU’s research into differentiated integration. Dr Stefan Telle (European University Institute) will present the findings of a comparative analysis of member states’ preferences on differentiated integration, and Dr Katrin Auel (Institute of Advanced Studies) will zoom in on Austria.

Participation in the meeting is upon invitation only.