Methodological Developments in Comparative Politics and the Dilemmas They Pose

22-23 May, 2017:

In Lithuania, Peter Hall will carry out a research seminar “Methodological Developments in Comparative Politics and the Dilemmas They Pose” for PhD and Master Students also faculty members. In this seminar following questions will be discussed: how our modalities of comparative research are changing (including more use of experiments, big data and RCTs) and what that offers and what problems it poses for our capacities to do comparative inquiry in the social sciences? This seminar is targeted at young researchers to provide them with an opportunity to discuss particular methodological issues with the leading US scholar as Peter A. Hall who has written extensively on the methodology of social sciences.

In addition to the research seminar, Peter A. Hall will deliver public lecture on topic “The Roots of the New Populism and its Implications for Democratic Politics”. The need for such a lecture is based on currently observed rise in the popularity of populists in many countries with old democratic traditions. Our guest would talk about the recent events such as US presidential elections, Brexit referendums, also elections in Netherlands and France, which will take place before this visit, as well as parliamentary elections in Germany scheduled for the Autumn on the basis of his recent book “The Politics of Representation in the Global Age: Identification, Mobilization, and Adjudication” linking this to the concepts of social resilience and successful societies.