Online Course: “Sustainable Finance in the EU: The EU Taxonomy Regulation and the ‘Do no Significant Harm’ Principle”, October 27-28 (EIPA, Maastricht)

The course introduces the foundations of sustainable finance in the EU as an integral part in support of the European Green Deal. Learn about the EU taxonomy regulation and the “do no significant harm principle”, which is the underlying principle of sustainable finance.

This course introduces the foundations of sustainable finance with a focus on the  taxonomy regulation. The taxonomy aims to channel investment by classifying sustainable economic activities. The “do no significant harm” principle informs the classification of such activities, it entails disclosure requirements for businesses and is applied in cohesion policy and the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

You will learn about

  • The foundations of sustainable finance in the EU
  • The taxonomy regulation and the Commission delegated acts laying down technical screening criteria for implementation
  • The challenges of applying the “do no significant harm” principle in the Member States and businesses
  • Ongoing policy initiatives to extend the scope of the taxonomy in the context of global sustainable finance

Course methodology/highlights

The course will be delivered online via Zoom. The sessions will be delivered by experts providing presentations on key topics. All presentations will be followed by Q&A and discussion. Through exercises, participants are invited to engage with topics from a practical perspective. Hence, the course methodology includes frontal instruction, interactive elements and exercises.

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