Online Debate: “Euroscepticism in Europe”, 29 October 2020

On 29 October, TEPSA and the EP office in Madrid invite you to attend an online debate on “Euroscepticism in Europe”, discussing the history, models, and impacts of Euroscepticism across EU Member States. The debate takes place in the framework of the new TEPSA Book “Euroscepticism and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals”, edited by Michael Kaeding, Johannes Pollak and Paul Schmidt.

The debate will shed light on the impact of Euroscepticism and new nationalist tendencies on national and EU policy making. Othmar Karas, Vice-President of the European Parliament, will deliver the opening remarks. The conference will be moderated by Paul Schmidt, Secretary General of the Austrian Society for European Politics, and will count on the participation of the following experts:

  • András Inotai, Research Professor of the Institute of World Economics (IWE CERS)
  • Eleonora Poli, Senior Fellow at the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI)
  • Céline Belot, Researcher at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
  • Ignacio Molina, Senior Analyst at the Elcano Royal Institute

The event will be broadcasted live on YouTube and will have an approximate duration of 90 minutes. Attendees will be able to participate via chat. To confirm your attendance please register by clicking here. Once you register, you will be able to submit any questions or issues you would like to see addressed in the debate.

Eurosceptic parties are in government across Europe, and they have considerable influence over the national debate. “Euroscepticism and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals” maps and analyses this phenomenon across the continent. Over 40 authors have given their expert views on Euroscepticism in the EU, in neighbouring countries, and in candidate countries. “Euroscepticism and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals” is a political travel guide, taking you on a tour through the political diversity of Europe. You can purchase the book here.