Online Event: “Climate, agriculture and trade policies”, February 11 (RSCAS-EUI, Italy)

The webinar aims at synthesising the debate on trade (policies) and climate change in the agri-food sector. In particular, the emphasis will be given to present evidence on how climate change is altering agricultural productivity, land use and countries’ specialisation. Second, the webinar will focus on the nexus between climate change and trade of agri-food products, and on evidence related to explaining how the evolution of weather conditions interfere with comparative advantages and trade routes. Third, the seminar will focus on the emerging debate on the role that trade policies may play in frictioning or facilitating trade, thus re-shaping the global agri-food sector and the value chain. The ultimate goal of the webinar will be to present (and debate on) relevant research questions to establish a new research agenda on the role of agricultural trade policies, to lower the pressure on the environment while helping the resilience, the efficiency and the equity of the global agricultural sector.

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