Presentation of the book “The Centenary of Latvia. Events and personalities” (LIIA)

The book “The Centenary of Latvia’s Foreign Affairs: Events and Personalities” by Andris Sprūds, Valters Ščerbinskis and Diāna Potjomkina aims to revisit and look beyond the well-analyzed chapters of Latvia’s foreign policy-making history, seeking to answer the questions: how is Latvian foreign policy made? Who participates in this process, with which prerogatives, and on what grounds? Which factors determine the prioritization of Latvia’s foreign policy aims? And what determines the reaction of Latvia to international pressures?

Presentations are also scheduled to take place in New Delhi, Warsaw, Paris, London and Turku.

Read Volume 1 of the publication “The Centenary of Latvia’s Foreign Affairs: Ideas and Personalities” for free on the Institute’s webpage.