Project FEUTURE: European Council meeting simulation on EU-Turkish relations (CIFE, France)

Simulation FEUTURE

CIFE organizes a two-day simulation of a Meeting of the European Council tackling the future of Europe with a special focus on EU-Turkish relations. The simulation takes place in the framework of the HORIZON2020 Project FEUTURE.

The simulation will take place at CIFE in Nice on 9 and 10 January 2019. The working language is English.

The following topics will be on the Agenda:

Internal and External Dimension of Migration

  • Is the EU-Turkey-Agreement still appropriate or does it need to be revised?
  • Can it be seen as a blueprint for other neighbouring countries?


  • Should the EU adjust its enlargement policy in response to recent developments in Turkey?
  • Are the EU institutions ready for further enlargement?

More information about the event: