Seminar: “Constructing China’s Belt and Road amidst Pandemic and War”, June 10 (NUPI, Norway)

Launched as an ambitious connectivity idea back in 2013, China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has since grown into an expansive portfolio of projects and activities, most of which are aimed at building infrastructure and better connecting cities, people and goods across the globe.

With the BRI stirring excitement as well as skepticism in various countries, the Chinese planners have worked hard to engage both domestic and international partners in making the BRI materialize and progress. But they were not preparing for a global multi-year pandemic, nor for a war in Ukraine with multiple and evolving regional and international implications.

What is now the status of the BRI today and how is it affected by the pandemic and the war? How are actors inside China, in neighboring regions and other parts of the world responding?

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