The Future of Constitutional Democracy in Europe: A Legal Assessment (CoE, Bruges)

The European Legal Studies Department organizes a conference that brings together world-leading academics and practitioners, to reflect critically yet constructively on the current state of constitutional democracy in the European Union, and its future. In this assessment, comparisons shall be drawn with the United States on the one hand, and the EU Member States on the other hand, in order to understand both the commonalities and the differences in the challenges faced, which include populism, a lack of trust in political and legal institutions, de-parliamentarization and a degradation of the rule of law. While topical, current developments will be at the heart of the discussions, the conference will also seek to tie current issues into the more perennial, theoretical debates about the balance between democracy and constitutionalism, and their place beyond the confines of the nation state. This subject matter necessitates a broad, interdisciplinary approach to a certain extent, but shall have a mainly legal focus, in that a central underlying question running throughout the conference will be what the role of law is and should be, in the future of the European Union.

This conference is open to the public but registration and payment of the registration fee (100€) is required before 5 February 2018. A discount of 50% is granted to PhD researchers. No fee for students of the College of Europe but registration is still required.