Training Course: “Stakeholder Consultation in the Context of Better Regulation”, May 22-23 (EIPA, Maastricht)

In this training you will get a comprehensive overview of the importance, uses, and methods of stakeholder (SH) consultation in the context of Better Regulation (BR). This hands-on training shows how SH consultation should be applied in practice. It follows the sequential phases of consultation, namely, the planning, design, implementation, reporting and informing.  Participants are provided with an in-depth understanding of how to use the various methods and tools to consult Stakeholders. Using practical sessions including examples, case studies and exercises, this course will enhance your capacity to draft fit for purpose and state of the art public consultation questionnaires. It will help you ensure that SH input can provide valuable evidence in Impact Assessments and Evaluations.

What will you learn

  • To identify all the relevant stakeholders
  • How to design an effective consultation strategy to reach out to all relevant stakeholders
  • How to select the appropriate consultation method
  • How to set the consultation activities in the right order
  • To draft a user friendly public consultation questionnaire
  • To design short, simple and relevant questions in a neutral manner
  • To effectively communicate consultation activities and reach out to as many SHs as possible
  • How to apply innovative consultation techniques to maximize public feedback
  • learn how to perform basic analysis of data
  • learn how to report on the findings of the consultation and inform policy making
  • get familiar with data protection rules

Course methodology/highlights

The course delivery will combine interactive presentations showcasing practical examples and group exercises. The two-half-day course will be led by experts with research and practical experience in SH consultations in the EU context and beyond. Participants will be provided the slides as well as additional learning material and online resources to help them apply their new knowledge and skills into practice.

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