Webinar: “Kick-off of the Digital Trade Integration project”, 1 July (RSCAS-EUI, Italy)

This workshop, co-organised with the Jean Monnet Network: Trade & Investment in Services Associates (TIISA), aims to be a first brainstorming event for members and partners of the Digital Trade Integration project. In addition to presenting the project, the workshop will discuss a selected group of policies that are on the table in the WTO Joint Statement Initiative (JSI) negotiations on electronic commerce. These policies are potentially restrictive for digital trade and include regimes for intermediary liability, restrictions on data flows and data processing, requirements to provide access to source code and other IPR-related policies, and requirements for online payments.

For each topic, there will be 5 minutes for presentations and 15 minutes for open discussion. Based on the discussion, a policy-brief will be prepared highlighting the main issues that deserve further discussion as part of the CIVICA project.

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