2013 Events at IWE, Budapest

vki_logo_smRegular monthly events of the Europe Club in Budapest

   April 17: Hungary in the mirror of abroad, by Krisztián Szabados, managing director, Political Capital

   May 14: The Eurocrisis and Hungarian monetary policy, by Péter Felcsuti, former president of the Hungarian Banking Association

Presentation of foreign experts

    April 03: Jürgen Jaerger, University of Regensburg, Vice Rector for International Affairs and Institute for East and Southeast European Studies: The government debt crisis in the EMU: What can we learn?

International conferences

    April 18-19, Budapest: “The Good Society and Europe – After the Crash”, organized by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Budapest Office. Keynote speach by András Inotai on “Progressive growth strategies in Europe”

    May 07, Vienna, 60 years of the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe – Jubilee conference with contribution on the present and future of the Danube region in the European Union, by András Inotai

    May 28, Sofia, Presentation of the study on “Sustainable growth based on export-oriented economic strategy. The Bulgarian case in an international comparison”, organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Sofia Office and the Economic Policy Institute, Sofia. Presenter: András Inotai, author of the study

    June 06-07, Brussels, LISBOAN Third Annual Conference, Working Group Workpackage III: Economic and Financial Policy (moderated by András Inotai)


    András Inotai, Macroeconomic impacts of the 2008-09 crisis in Europe. In: Joan DeBardeleben and Crina Viju, (eds.), “Economic crisis in Europe. What it means for the EU and Russia”, palgrave-macmillan, 2013, pp. 21-46.

    András Inotai, Sustainable growth based on export-oriented economic strategy. The Bulgarian case in an international comparison. Friedrich Ebert Foundation Sofia Office, Sofia, 2013. 50 pp.