Expert Meeting: “Views on the Future of Europe from the EU’s Neighbouring Countries” (EIR, Romania)

On 8 April 2022, the European Institute of Romania (EIR) organised the expert meeting „Views on the Future of Europe from the EU’s Neighbouring Countries” (online format, under Chatham House Rules). The event was a follow-up to the elaboration of the collective report published by EIR in December 2021, titled “Views on the Future of Europe from the EU’s Neighbouring Countries”.

The main objective of the meeting was to facilitate an expert discussion (among the authors of the Report) on the future of Europe considering the impact of the current developments in Ukraine and having as a starting point the elements included in the contributions to the report. The participants reinforced the main elements of the collaborative report edited by the EIR, while also condemning the Russian aggression in Ukraine, which is affecting both the Western Balkan countries and the Eastern Neighbouring ones.

The EU’s Neighbouring Countries, both in the Western Balkans and in the East, must continue their reforms on the European path, while the EU should increase its proactive role in its relations with these states, especially since there is a major risk of decreasing credibility among the population and growing third-party influences. Romania is a committed supporter of the continuation of the European integration process. It has always favoured an “open-doors” policy towards the states that show they have the will and the capacity to fulfil the criteria required for joining the EU. The Euro-Atlantic future of countries in the Western Balkans, as those in the Eastern Partnership is an important foreign policy objective for Romania.

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