Expertise for the European Parliament: “Intra-African Migration”

A new in-depth analysis has been published on the topic of “Intra-African Migration”, coordinated by TEPSA and commissioned by the European Parliament’s Committee on Development (DEVE).

The briefing was authored by Cristina Udelsmann Rodrigues, Senior Researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute in Sweden & Jesper Bjarnesen, Senior Researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute in Sweden.


This study provides a broad perspective of the main trends in intra-African migration, emphasising its regional variations and complex drivers. The analysis is focussed on mapping and describing the structures – routes, hubs, settlements and sites of migration within the continent – as well as identifying the relevant infrastructures that facilitate these movements – ranging from road, railway and transportation networks to social connectivities and brokerage. The analysis not only of spaces and flows, but also of infrastructure within these networks shows that there is a multiplicity of interrelations, interconnections and interdependences that need to be captured and understood in order to address both the potential and problems for intra-African migration. By grasping the ‘big picture’ of intra-African migration, policies and activities generated by both the African Union and the European Union will be capable of providing comprehensively integrated and tailored responses. Recommendations are directed towards: improving knowledge of the many structures and infrastructures, along with their articulations and functioning; identifying the negative and positive aspects of migration conducive to sustainable development; and addressing the present Africa-Europe polarisation of views through diplomacy and monitoring.