“Extremism in Digital Spheres: Can European Union Directives Curb it?”, Katharina Sigwald (CIFE)

Violent extremist attacks have risen over the last decade, while algorithms on Internet platforms have played a vital role in enforcing extremist ideologies and worldviews. The European Union has issued offline regulations to combat extremism on the Internet, like the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN), the EU’s Security Union strategy 2020-2025, and the 2020 Counter-Terrorism Agenda. European Council conclusions for online providers include the awaited Digital Services Act package (DSA/DMA) which aims to create a safer digital environment for users, as well as the introduction of the European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency (2023), seeking to facilitate the implementation of the DSA/DMA. The Digital Services Act package is perceived as an important step in the right direction, though it has been greeted with some scepticism concerning its impact and applicability.

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