“Facilitating circular change with services”, Metka Stare (CIR, Slovenia)

Metka Stare, PhD (a member of Centre of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), contributed a chapter titled ‘Facilitating circular change with services’ to the book ‘Management des services – convergences, contrasts et controversies’. In her chapter, Metka Stare points out that circular change requires adjustments throughout the economy and society. She argues that diverse role of service activities in circular change processes deserve detailed study to better understand their potential, capability and impacts in economies dominated by service activities. Based on case study analysis she examines how the service company transforms the provision of services towards circularity and which types of service functions and skills render the circular change possible at every step of the value creation. Circular design of processes at the outset of circular process, collaboration with relevant stakeholders and digitalization are highlighted as the key levers of efficient implementation of circular change at the company level. The analysis contributes novel insights into circular change that are of high relevance not only for service sector, but even more so for the whole economy at the system level. The book was edited by Camal Gallouj and Gilles Paché and published by Press Universitaires de Provence. It includes 23 chapters, in which the authors discuss multi-dimensional aspects of services management ranging from organizational and sectoral issues to international and historical perspectives.