“Facing a critical juncture – The externalisation of the EU’s Just Transition agenda”, Robert Pollock (College of Europe, Bruges)

Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, the promotion of Just Transition has been central to the European Union’s (EU) external projection of intent regarding the global energy transition. However, the evolution of this external policy has been episodic. Policy externalisation has reflected a mutability of aims and a growing contrast with internal policy. Moreover, internal Just Transition policy has largely mimicked cohesion policy, thereby making its international transference challenging. Today, the EU is arguably approaching a critical juncture, which will determine how it is perceived on Just Transition globally. To enhance its efforts in promoting global Just Transition the EU requires a strengthened strategic framework to guide its policy in a rapidly changing world. In particular, the European Commission with its competences, resources, and internal policy intent, demonstrated by the European Green Deal, and its experience of coal phase-out, remains a critical agent of change in such a reorientation

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