Fifth interview of the “Klartext”-series: “The public administration reform in the Ukrainian ministries is making considerable progress” (IEP, Germany)

Within the framework of the project “Platform for Analytics and Intercultural Communication” (PAIC) the fifth interview from the series “Klartext” has been published. Ihor Koliushko, former delegate of Verkhovna Rada and chairman of the influential “Centre of Policy and Legal Reform” elaborates on on the constitutional and judicial reform as well as the reform of public administration and the role of think tanks in Ukraine. In the interview Ihor Koliushko describes what progress has been made in the area of the public administration reform and the reform of judiciary and which aspects represent the greatest challenges, which role the newly established directorates will play in the restructuring of the Ukrainian ministries, what has been done in regard to access to and transparency of information and why comprehensive policy analysis is key for a successful outcome of the reforms in Ukraine. Ihor Koliushko also gives insight into the history of the renowned and influential think tank “Centre of Policy and Legal Reform” and shares his experiences as former Member of the Ukrainian Parliament.

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