FIIA “Expert meeting on EU Defence”(FIIA, Finland)

FIIA organised, jointly with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, a two-day brainstorming meeting on EU Defence in late March.

The aim of this closed session among a group of 20 experts was to take stock of the recent developments and analyse the future direction of the EU in the field of security and defence. The discussion focused on the EU’s strategic approach, EU Defence in a transatlantic context, instruments and capabilities of EU Defence, and its implications for national security and defence policies.
MFA, MoD and FIIA experts were joined by Jan Joel Andersson (EDA), Frances G. Burwell (Atlantic Council), Pierre Haroche (IRSEM), Sylvia Hartleif (EPSC), Arnold Kammel (AIES), Claudia Major (SWP) and Marcin Terlikowski (PiSM). This event was the third edition of the Mustio discussions organized in the premises of the historical Svartå Manor outside of Helsinki.