FIIA Forum 2022: Changes and challenges in the Nordic security climate (FIIA, Finland)

The Russian assault on Ukraine has brought about the most severe crisis in European security in decades. However, Russia’s military campaign has so far failed to achieve its objectives. Ukraine’s resistance has been fierce, and Moscow has faced a united and resolute West. The Nordic states have also closed ranks and engaged in intense consultations regarding the dire security situation.  Indeed, extensive diplomatic coordination and information-sharing have been vital components of the Western strategy vis-à-vis the Russian aggression. Interestingly, the release of intelligence information has played an unprecedented role during the crisis, uncovering Russia’s malign intentions and blunting Moscow’s efforts to dominate the information space.

FIIA Forum 2022 addressed the imminent geopolitical challenges encountered by Finland and its fellow Nordic countries. What are the dynamics shaping the current Northern European security climate and how should they be managed? What is the role of security intelligence cooperation in crafting a joint Nordic approach to evolving security threats and challenges? 

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