FIIA three research programmes, Spring 2014

UntitledEurasian integration project

The EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia Research Programme is conducting a research project aimed at analysing the current trends in and prospects of the Eurasian integra­tion. The project attempts to take into account the variety of views and assessments that exist in all member states of the Eurasian Customs Union. It places emphasis on conduct­ing research interviews in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. The findings will be published in the autumn of 2014.

European elections

FIIA is participating in several European research and outreach pro­jects partly related to the upcoming European elections.

The EU programme is actively taking part in the activities of the European Policy Institutes Network (EPIN) coordinated by CEPS in Brussels. Under EPIN umbrella, FIIA organised a Research Round Table focusing on parliamentarism in European Economic Governance and a seminar mapping out the politi­cal directions of the approaching European elections.

Together with Folktinget, which promotes the position of Swedish-speaking people in Finland, FIIA has been engaged in the pan-European New Pact for Europe project which aims to enhance informed debate on the future of Europe among citizens, stakeholders and policymakers. A research seminar and election candidate debate was followed by a full house in the Parliament’s auditorium.

FIIA is also a member of the research project led by the Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute and VoteWatch, which aims to elucidate the role and function­ing of the European parliament for Europeans by examining 15 key votes that shaped the current European parliament. The project provides interesting data on the political organisation of the parliament and voting behaviour of the MEPs. FIIA’s tasks include analysing the available data in the Finnish context.

CUSPP Summer School

FIIA’s Center for US Politics and Power (CUSPP) will organise a sum­mer school for doctoral students on US foreign policy in Helsinki and Tallinn in August 2014. The summer school will include keynote presentations by distinguished scholars from the US and Europe on a wide range of topics related to US foreign policy. It also provides an opportunity for students to give presentations on their ongoing research in addition to informal activities, which will allow engagement with other scholars working on US foreign policy.

The call for papers was pub­lished on FIIA’s webpage in April 2014.