“Forward into the past, or Some features of the new foreign policy concept of the Russian Federation”, Mykhailo Pashkov (Razumkov Centre, Ukraine)

In the beginning of August, “Mezhdunarodnaya Zhizn” magazine published a programme article “Lessons of History and Image of the Future: Reflections on Russia’s Foreign Policy” by the Director of the Department of Foreign Policy Planning of the Russian Foreign Ministry Aleksei Drobinin. It was seen as kind of a “trial” bullet for the development of a new foreign policy concept, discussed at the January meeting of the Russian Security Council. 

There is an impression that all this “Russian-style” geopolitical futurology, garnished with modern paraphernalia, is an attempt to return the world to the past — with the dictates of force, zones of imperial influence, vassal countries, dividing lines, autonomous rules of conduct, a few powerful states, where democratic values and universal principles are of no importance.

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