“Fostering Positive Private Sector Engagement in the Med Energy Landscape”, Nicolò Sartori and Margherita Bianchi (IAI, Italy)

Nicolò Sartori, Margherita Bianchi, Fostering Positive Private Sector Engagement in the Med Energy Landscape, IAI Commentaries, 19:69, IAI, December 2019.

 Energy lies at the heart of Mediterranean trends linked to demographic growth and urbanisation and is a major driver for encouraging economic forecasts despite persistent political tensions in the area. The massive availability of renewable energy (RES), backed by natural gas, is set to play an ever stronger role in regional energy mixes. Yet, the impact of such resources remains negligible for the time being. To address this shortcoming and provide avenues for an increased penetration of these resources in the future, a more coherent and sustained involvement of multiple stakeholders will be essential. Private operators, in particular, can help unlock this hitherto underdeveloped potential, strengthening associated economic and social benefits for states and societies across the Mediterranean.

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