Fourth Plenary of the European Health Parliament (College of Europe Bruges)

Fourth Plenary of the European Health Parliament (02/04)

On Tuesday, 2 April 2019, the fourth and final plenary session of the European Health Parliament (EHP) was held in the European Parliament (Brussels).

Professor Olivier COSTA, Director of Studies in the Department of European Political and Governance Studies, opened the session.

The ten students of the College of Europe involved in the EHP were divided in five thematic committees (Data for Healthy Society; Disease Prevention & Management; Innovation & Value; Health Literacy & Self-care; Environmental & Human Health) in which they worked for seven months along with 50 other young professionals from diverse backgrounds.

The representatives of each of the five committees presented their policy recommendations to European and national decision-makers, media, and health-oriented organisations.

The day closed with an inspiring speech from Herman VAN ROMPUY, who stressed the need to place health among the top priorities for the upcoming elections.

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