“From digitalisation to digital transformation in Romania”, Flavia Durach, Mirela Mărcuț, Radu Puchiu and Veronica Ștefan (EIR, Romania)

This policy brief represents a follow-up of an online dialogue, organized by the European Institute of Romania, with the purpose of discussing digital transformation in relation to digital inclusion, digital public services and smart cities. Thus, Flavia Durach‘s contribution presents the differences between digitalisation and digital transformation and offers a pragmatic understanding of the concepts. Mirela Mărcuț operates with the topic of digital public services, referring to the fragmentation identified both at territorial level and at decision-making level in Romania. Radu Puchiu argues that digital transformation can be more successful in cities, where the correct use of data and local intelligence can lead to the co-creation of digital solutions with long-term impact. Digital transformation cannot take place outside the development of digital skills, and Veronica Ștefan offers a realistic perspective on the problems that were exacerbated during the pandemic and on the need to invest smartly in supporting digital inclusion.

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