“German Elections and EU-Turkey Relations”, Funda Tekin (IEP, Germany)

On 26 September 2021 Germany is going to take to the polls to elect a new German Bundestag and consequently a new government. These general elections are taking place in turbulent times of the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, an increasingly unstable EU neighborhood and a changing world order. Additionally, relations between the EU and Turkey have just reached yet another all-time low at the end of 2020. Both sides have given evidence of their willingness to mend the relationship in order to preserve their fragile framework of conflictual cooperation over the past months. Yet, the tide can still turn either towards a positive agenda or to a decision by the EU to finally apply restrictive measures against Turkey.

Turkey will continue to face strong headwinds, although the outcome of the German federal elections is of secondary importance in this regard. The ending of the Merkel era still forms relevant importance in the for EU-Turkey relations. How much change can be expected in Germany’s policy towards Turkey and which factors will ensure continuity are questions that IEP Director Dr. Funda Tekin analyzes in a contribution to the BBI InBrief Series. 

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